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The Center for Microscopy and Microbiology for gifted children was opened in Orenburg

On February 17, in Orenburg, within the framework of the national project «Education», the Center for Microscopy and Microbiology was opened — a new site for the center for the identification and support of gifted children «Gagarin», equipped with ZEISS microscopes. The event was attended by Governor Denis Pasler, Minister of Education Alexei Pakhomov and General Director of Production Association «Strela» Alexander Markman.

The Open Microscopy Laboratory of the German Museum in Munich was chosen as a prototype for the Center for Microscopy and Microbiology, and scientists from several universities and research institutes in Orenburg took part in its creation.


The center brings together electron and optical microscopy laboratories, a sample preparation laboratory, as well as a section for aquariums and terrariums. Modern ZEISS equipment is installed there: Axio Scope.A1 and Primo Star light microscopes for solving research and routine biological problems, Stemi 305 and Stemi 508 stereomicroscopes, Axio Vert.A1 MAT inverted microscope for material science. They are equipped with digital cameras and are integrated into the Digital Classroom, the ZEISS solution for effective teaching process.

Alexey Pakhomov, Minister of Education of the Orenburg Region:
This allows one to examine cells, organelles at the cellular level. Each microscope is connected to a camera. I can’t call it a webcam: it’s a high definition of both cameras and video.

The Center for Microscopy and Microbiology will become a center of collective use not only for the students of the lyceum. Young scientists from the universities of the Orenburg region can try themselves as mentors for present schoolchildren and future students.

Denis Pasler, Governor of the Orenburg Region:
I am sure that the powerful material base that we are creating today at the sites of the «Gagarin» center will be a good stimulus for the interest of the Orenburg children in science, technology and sports. And we will be able to train future highly qualified specialists — scientists, engineers, designers.


The center for identifying and supporting of gifted children «Gagarin» was created according to the Sochi «Sirius» model on the basis of the governor’s multidisciplinary lyceum for gifted children of the Orenburg region and operates at several sites in the Orenburg region. The main goal of the center is to identify, develop and provide professional support for gifted children and youth.

«Gagarin» will be equipped with modern scientific laboratories and workshops. Study programs in scientific disciplines are drawn up with the involvement of Russian companies and scientists interested in scientific and technical innovations.

Based on materials from the Ministry of Education of the Orenburg Region, Orenburg Media and Channel One (Russian language).