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ZEISS Russia & CIS is a supplier of high-technology equipment and complete solutions for science, education, industry and healthcare on the territory of Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and the CIS countries.

We equip factories, scientific laboratories, classrooms and medical institutions. We work with The Russian Academy of Sciences on the development of new technologies. In cooperation with universities we create training and referential centers. We organize training workshops and international scientific conferences CTERP, STRANN, Art of Restoration.

ZEISS Russia & CIS is a part of ZEISS Group.


Dmitriy Senin, General Manager Carl Zeiss LLC:


"The management of the global ZEISS concern continues to see great development prospects in Russia. We plan to continue to remain a reliable partner for our colleagues and customers, to participate in the development of Russian science and education, industry and healthcare."

Vyacheslav Vlasenko, Research Microscopy Solutions Director in Russia and CIS:


"Within the ZEISS Connecting Solutions, we highly value the synergy between Carl Zeiss technologies and innovative advancements of our partners, as those developments complement each other and make the output solutions totally unique. We are convinced our success is determined by how efficiently our customers can address their objectives. Such objectives may include visualization of previously unobservable objects or processes that required the definition of fractions of nanometers, or routine medical studies that require high data processing speed and accuracy to make a correct diagnosis."

Artur Saakyan, Microsurgery Department Director:


"It’s a great honor to Carl Zeiss to remain a pioneer in developing medical technologies and market innovative products and solutions that can reliably help doctors in their highly-sensitive work. Employing ZEISS equipment in healthcare centers reflects the innovation, gold standards, and world’s best treatment approaches."

ZEISS Russia & CIS history

  • December 3, 2019, OPTEC was renamed Carl Zeiss LLC. This was an important part of the company's integration into the global structure of ZEISS Group, which started in 2017.
  • Since October 1, coordinate measuring machines produces by ZEISS have been serviced by the official representative office of ZEISS for Russia and the CIS.
  • May 18, the first ZEISS dental reference center was opened in the Republic of Belarus at the "Lyubimy Stomatolog" clinic in Minsk.
  • May 15-18 the II International Conference Art of Restoration took place at the Staraya Derevnya Restoration and Storage Centre of State Hermitage museum.
  • On April, the first scientific and consultation reference center in Russia, ZEISS labs@location, was opened in the State Hermitage Museum.
  • 2008 - a new area of ZEISS activity is created - equipment and reagents for immunohistochemistry.
  • 2008 - Regional representative offices are opened in Vladivostok and Krasnodar.
  • 2007 - Regional representative office of ZEISS is opened in Yekaterinburg.
  • 2006 - ZEISS branch office is opened in Novosibirsk.
  • 2000 - ZEISS subsidiary business unit is opened in Moscow.
  • 1903 - first trade mission of Carl Zeiss is opened in Saint-Petersburg.
  • 1847 - Start of serial production of Carl Zeiss microscopes.
  • 1846 - Carl Zeiss creates in Jena a workshop precision mechanics and optics.
  • OPTECbecomes a successor of Carl Zeiss company in Russia.
  • Agreements are signed on strategic partnership with the Kazan State Technical University, the Kazan State Unuiversity as well as the Kazan Scientific Center of RAS. The purpose of the agreements is to develop research and education technologies.
  • Exclusive agreement is signed with Thermo Fischer Scientific on the sale of equipment and reagents for clinical studies on immunohistochemistry.
  • Cooperation agreement is concluded with Bruker company (the USA) - top developer and producer of atomic force/scanning probe microscopes.
  • Cooperation agreement is signed with Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis Limited company (Great Britain) - top developer of high-technology equipment for electron-probe miscroanalysis.
  • Cooperation agreement is signed with UFSK-International OSYS GmbH company (Germany) - developer of surgery operating furniture.
  • First scientific conference "Priority research directions of nano-objects of compartificial and natural character".
  • The company branch office is opened in Krasnodar.
  • New compact RAITH system of electron-beam lithography of ultrahigh resolution is represented in the company catalogue.
  • Carl Zeiss Meditec intraocular lenses are represented in the company catalogue.
  • The company branch office is opened in Kazan.
  • Representative offices are opened in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Baku (Azerbaijan).
  • New complete solution is developed for laboratories and enterprises which release, cultivate, store and apply cell and tissue cultures.
  • Cooperation agreements are signed with TAP Biosystems and CM Technologies companies.
  • Bruker equipment for the analysis of mechanical and tribological properties of materials is represented in the company catalogue.
  • The county's first femtosecond laser ZEISS VisuMax is installed and brought into operation: in Federal State Budgetary Institution "Clinical Hospital of the Presidential Administration" (moscow, Russia) in the Transcaucasian referential center of refractive surgery on the basis of New Hospitals clinic (Tbilisi, Georgia), in the Kazakh Research Institute of Eye Disorders (Almaty).
  • First operation for mammary gland tumor resection with the use of INTRABEAM system is carried out in the City Clinical Oncology Dispensary of Saint Petersburg.
  • First in Russia ZEISS LSM 780 laser scanning microscope is installed in The Komarov Botanical Institute of RAS (Saint Petersburg).
  • "Universarium M9" optomechanical projector is installed in the Big star hall of the Moscow Planetarium.
  • Oncology Dispensaries are equipped in Lipetsk, Cheboksary, Saransk, Astrakhan, Yekaterinburg, Arkhangelsk. OPTECsolution implies the integration of all the processes of histological examination in the unified Laboratory Information System (LIS).
  • Technology of correlative microscopy is established which allows to unite sample examination under optical and electron microscope in one cycle, in the laboratory of optic-holographic systems of the Bauman Research Institute of Radio Electronics and Laser Technology (Moscow).
  • Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM's) of the company are installed at the new engine factory of GAZ Group in Yaroslavl.
  • Paartnership agreement is concluded with Rigaky Corporation (Japan) - leading world manufacturer of X-ray analytical and industrial equipment.
  • Representative office is opened in the Republic of Moldova.
  • The company office is opened in Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Distributor agreement is signed with Carl Zeiss AG group on exclusive representation of products and solutions of the group in medicine (Carl Zeiss Meditec), microscopy (Carl Zeiss Microscopy) and industrial metrology (Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology) in Russia, the CIS countries and Georgia.
  • Exclusive distributor Agreement is signed with Nanoscribe GmbH company (Germany) - manufacturer of unique laser systems for 3D litography.
  • Distributor agreement is signed with SEC company (South Korea) - manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes and systems of X-ray nondestructive analysis.
  • The company demonstration and training center is opened in Moscow.
  • 110 years since the opening of the first trade mission of Carl Zeiss in Russia.
  • Agreement is signed with Transgenomic company (USA) - manufacturer of unique systems for molecular biology.
  • First in Russia system of microbioreactors ambr TAP Biosystems is implemented in the International Biotechnological Center "Generium".
  • Exclusive distributor agreement on the sale of MENZEL cover glasses is signed with Thermo Scientific company (the USA).
  • New area - molecular biology - is represented in the company catalogue.
  • First operations on laser vision correction with ReLEx SMILE technology are carried out in Sphera clinic (Moscow).
  • The company Service Center is opened in Moscow.
  • Cooperation agreement is signed with the Petrov Research Institute for Oncology and 3DHistech company (Hungary).
  • Distributor agreement is signed with TTP Labtech company (China).
  • Cooperation agreement is signed with the Koch Metchnikoff Forum (Germany) and the Petrov Research Institute for Oncology (Russia).
  • Cooperation agreement is signed with Softneta company (Litva).
  • Trilateral cooperation agreement is signed with the State Hermitage Museum (Russia) and ZEISS Microscopy company (Germany).
  • Trilateral cooperation agreement is signed with the S.N. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex (Russia) and Carl Zeiss Meditec company (Germany).
  • Agreement on strategic partnership is signed with the Krasnodar branch of the S.N. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex (Russia).
  • Controlling interest of the company is acquired by Carl Zeiss company (Germany).
  • Distributor agreement is signed withThermo Fisher Scientific company (the USA).
  • 115 years since the opening of the first trade mission of Carl Zeiss in Russia.
  • First in Russia and in the CIS countries Cell Metric bioimager is implemented in BIOCAD company.
  • The system of miniaturization of genomic studies is implemented in Skoltech (Russia).
  • Education program together with the ITMO University (Russia) and Carl Zeiss (Germany).
  • Accretech company equipment for surface high-precision measurements appeared in the company catalogue.
  • WITec company equipment for Raman spectroscopy appeared in the company catalogue.
  • OPTEC ZEISS Group demonstration and consulting center is opened in Moscow.
  • ZEISS received the approval of FDA to carry out ReLEx SMILE.


  • Dmitriy Senin
    Dmitriy Senin
    General Manager Carl Zeiss LLC
  • Anna Ermokhina
    Anna Ermokhina
    Human Resources Director
  • Vyacheslav Vlasenko
    Vyacheslav Vlasenko
    Research Microscopy Solutions Director in Russia and CIS
  • Ivan Nytch
    Ivan Nytch
    Industrial Quality Solutions Business Unit Director
  • Leonid Torchinskiy
    Leonid Torchinskiy
    BioTech Department Director
  • Artur Saakyan
    Artur Saakyan
    Microsurgery Department Director
  • Sergey Kolokolov
    Sergey Kolokolov
    Head of IT Department
  • Denis Fokin
    Denis Fokin
    Head of Application Support
  • Ekaterina Kutuzova
    Ekaterina Kutuzova

    Head of Marketing

  • Sergey Kosenko
    Sergey Kosenko
    Medical equipment Business Unit Director
  • Evgeny Kononenko
    Evgeny Kononenko
    Head of Service Department
  • Andrey Goldenberg
    Andrey Goldenberg
    Central Branch Director
  • Yaroslav Kuzmenkov
    Yaroslav Kuzmenkov
    Ural Branch Director
  • Kirill Masalskiy
    Kirill Masalskiy
    Northwest Branch Director
  • Elena Morozova
    Elena Morozova
    Siberian Branch Director
  • Anton Shalaev
    Anton Shalaev
    Volga Branch Director
  • Oksana Daniluk
    Oksana Daniluk
    Head of branch office — Ukraine
  • Sergey Dyulger
    Sergey Dyulger
    Head of branch office — Moldova
  •  Vladimir Fedosenko
    Vladimir Fedosenko
    Head of branch office — Belarus
  • Nino Lomuashvili
    Nino Lomuashvili
    Head of branch office — Georgia
  •  Mirfarhad Mukhamedziev
    Mirfarhad Mukhamedziev
    Head of branch office — Uzbekistan
  • Malik Nusupov
    Malik Nusupov
    Head of branch office — Kazakhstan


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