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Digital Classroom

Setup your own digital classroom!

Teaching is the art of transfering knowledge to other people. To make the process of teaching and learning efficient and fruitful, the following conditions must be met: one has to know their students, realize particular qualities of students, and organize their cooperation. Digital classroom with connected microscopes will be a valuable instrument for innovative education. Such an environment provides limitless opportunities for in-practice learning, flexible organization of special classes, and cultivating deep expertise in the subject. Learning through play, excited and engaged students will easily share knowledge and assimilate the material. Connected microscopes shape an interactive digital environment allowing for attracting and motivating students. Besides, the microscopes provide the tutor with the considerable freedom of action.

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ZEISS Primo Star Light Microscope for biology

ZEISS Primo Star Light Microscope for biology

Классический подход к преподаванию: студенты — пассивные наблюдатели и слушатели

Вовлечение студентов в процесс способствует активному обучению

Figure 1. Classical Teaching: students are

passive observers and listeners

Figure 2. Student Engagement Drives Active Learning

How does this need manifest itself?

Studying nursing, dental prosthetics, or veterinary science, large student groups deal with microscopy observiation several times a week. Study time is always limited, so a tutor often has to assemble and disassemble equipment on a tight schedule. This is why microscopes must be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Digital classrooms provide great benefits to tutors: they enable using interconnected microscopes and digital tools to make the learning process even more efficient.

Students will enjoy sharing videos and images. All that stimulates open discussions and facilitates comprehension. It is crucial to get to the result quickly, make notes, and then save and share study outcomes. A tutor has direct real-time access to image on each microscope, which transforms classes into something engaging and interactive — both for students and tutors.

Digital technology gains traction in public use. Internet access is available everywhere and at any time; social media and numerous apps have already become the integral part of student life. Besides, computer networks affect school education and teaching methods. Young people’s enthusiasm for science and research is what ensures their future success. Microscopes ZEISS Primo Star and Labscope visualization app are aligned to current trends. Excellent graphical materials will help your students enjoy all benefits of collective learning.

More solutions

Contrast enhancement system for fluorescence

With structured illumination employed by ApoTome.2, you know that only the focal plane appears in your image, with extrafocal illumination cut off even in thick samples.

Intelligent Microscopy System

Intelligent Microscopy System is the software-hardware system built upon the ZEISS upright microscope and desiged for automating routine biological sample analysis in-vitro diagnostics.

Efficient tuberculosis testing

Primo Star iLED is another concern’s technological contribution to control of this disease. You can select the method of testing yourself: conventional brightfield with Ziehl-Neelsen staining, or flourescence with auramine staining. Primo Star iLED offers witching between modes with just one turn of a switch.

Cell line development

Biotechnology is one of the key fields of innovative development of the modern economy. During the last 20 years, the whole-new biotechnological products were created, and production of existing ones optimized. Besides, patents for most crucial biological products are to expire soon, and development of their biosimilars in Russia will provide new import-substitution opportunities.

Solution for large surface coating in-line monitoring

ThinProcess® is a comprehensive ZEISS solution for monitoring large-surface coating processes. ThinProcess® provides you information on the quality of your products — with the precision of laboratory systems.

Solution for Anatomical Pathology
Clinical pathology

Anatomical Pathology is a medical specialty that is concerned with studying morphological basics of pathological processes in human/animal organisms, and morphological aspects of pathogenesis — essentially of microscopic changes in cells and tissues, organs, and organ systems.

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