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Personal Data Processing Consent

By entering into this Consent and submitting his personal data to https://zeiss-solutions.ru/ (hereinafter the «Website») through filling in the (Registration) Form, the User:

  • confirms that all the data submitted by him are his own personal data;

  • confirms and acknowledges that he has read carefully and completely this Consent and the processing terms and conditions of his personal data filled by him in the fields of form (registration), and understands the wording hereof and the personal data processing terms and conditions;

  • consents to the effect that the personal data that have been provided as a part of information are to be processed by the Website’s owner for the purposes of concluding this Agreement between him and the Website’s owner and of its further execution;

  • consents to the effect that his personal data are disclosed to event sponsors;

  • consents to receive newsletters of the Website’s news, including article previews posted on the Website and advertising materials from the Website’s partners;

  • consents to the personal data processing terms and conditions;

  • сonsents to the downloading of cookies to your device in order to transmit information about the use of this website;

  • сonsents to the use and processing of cookies of all types.

The User gives his consent to processing his personal data, i.e. to handling the same as provided in Article 3 Part 1 Paragraph 3 of Federal Law «On Personal Data» No. 152-FZ dated 27.07.2006, and confirms that by giving such consent he is acting freely, at his discretion and for his own benefit.

The User’s Personal Data Processing Consent is particular, informed and scrupulous.

This User’s consent is given to processing the following personal data: family name, first name, patronymic name, year of birth, location (city/town, region/area), telephone number, e-mail address.

The User gives the right to handle (operate) his personal data as follows:

  • collect and accumulate and store within the record-keeping periods as specified in regulatory documents, but not less than three years, after the service usage is terminated by the User;

  • adjust (update, revise), use, destroy, depersonalize, transfer by court’s decision, among others, to third parties in compliance with any measures that may ensure security for the personal data against unauthorized access.

The said Consent shall remain in force for an unlimited period of time and may be revoked by you by submitting a request to the Website’s management stating the data as specified in Article 14 of the Law «On Personal Data». The Personal Data Processing Consent may be revoked by the User with a relevant instruction sent in a simple written form to the e-mail: contact@ru.zeiss.com.

The Carl Zeiss Limited Liability Company is the owner of the https://zeiss-solutions.ru/ Website.

INN: 7701234835

Legal Address: Russia, 109028, Moscow, Serebryanicheskaya Naberezhnaya, 29.

The Website shall not be held liable for using (both lawfully and unlawfully) by any third parties the information posted by the User on the Website including any reproduction and distribution performed by any possible means.

The Website shall be entitled to amend this Consent. When making any amendments the date of the last amendment shall be stated in the current version. New version of the Consent shall take effect upon its posting unless otherwise provided in the Consent new version.

This Agreement and the relations between the User and the Website in connection herewith shall be subject to the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.