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Service Center

ZEISS Russia & CIS Service Center is a qualified service maintenance and equipment modernization by a team of professional engineers.

We offer services on a contract basis: consulting, preventive maintenance, long term service maintenance and solution of applied tasks, related to scientific researches and production purposes.


Our team consists of 55 engineers certified by manufacturers:


ZEISS Russia & CIS service support is an opportunity to use the equipment efficiently during its whole life cycle. For that we create an individual working plan for each client and provide the following services. Any service can be used once, or you can conclude a technical support agreement on convenient terms: GENERAL, LIGHT, STANDARD, OPTIMUM or WARRANTY.

Installation - фото №1
Installation And recommendations for placement preparation
Customization - фото №2
Customization Equipment testing and customization for user tasks
Instruction - фото №3
Instruction Instructing on operations and maintenance
Technical maintenance - фото №4
Technical maintenance Diagnostics, preventive and scheduled works
Modernization - фото №5
Modernization Equipment enhancement
Remote support - фото №6
Remote support Telephone and on-line consultations
Repair works - фото №7
Repair works Setting and replacement of spare parts
Dismantling - фото №8
Dismantling And consultations on the write-off

Service packages


GENERAL service package is a one-time performance of any works on installation, technical support, modernization and repair of the equipment.


LIGHT service package is a framework agreement on service maintenance for prompt issues resolution. Ensures point solution of any problem related to the equipment operation.
No prepayment is required.

  • Payment upon the works executed
  • A 5% discount for spare parts, expendables and component parts
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STANDARD service package is a preventive maintenance at a fixed priced. Is carried out under the rules of production factory, once or twice a year — depending on specific character and intensity of equipment operation.

  • Fixed annual payment
  • A 7% discount for spare parts, expendables and component parts.
  • A 10% discount for the replacement of spare parts
  • Regular maintenance according to the manufacturer's regalements
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OPTIMUM service package is a remote technical support, diagnostics and equipment preventive maintenance with the replacement of expendables and spare parts. Is carried out under the rules of production factory.

  • Fixed annual payment
  • Full diagnostics of equipment
  • Remote technical support and specialist consultations
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • A 10% discount for spare parts, expendables and component parts
  • A 15% discount for the replacement of spare parts
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WARRANTY service package is a full prolongation of factory warranty period for the equipment in operation for no more than three years. Includes equipment diagnostics, software update, full technical maintenance, procurement and replacement of any expendables and spare parts.

  • Fixed annual payment
  • Fast reception of spare parts from the warehouses in the Russian Federation and Germany
  • Remote technical support and specialist consultations
  • Software update
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