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ZEISS SMILE refractive eye surgery unit launched in Moscow Sfera Clinic

On 5 November 2015, the opening ceremony for the SMILE laser eye surgery unit featuring the ground-breaking ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser system was held in Sfera Clinic in Moscow. This is the first femtosecond laser for ZEISS ReLEx SMILE surgery in a private clinic in Moscow. One month earlier, OPTEC completed installation and launch of the femtosecond laser. Professor Erika N. Eskina, Chief Doctor of Sfera Clinic, Doctor of Medical Science, performed the first ReLEx SMILE surgeries with the new laser.

The SMILE opening ceremony was attended by Professor Erika Eskina, Chief Doctor of Sfera Clinic, Doctor of Medical Science, Silvijo Kunic, Head of Global Sales, Refractive Laser and Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, and Gohar Davtyan, Head of Medical Technology Department, OPTEC.

«We are very happy to be the first private clinic in Moscow that can use the SMILE femtosecond laser technology from ZEISS, a breakthrough in refractive surgery, and offer our patents an opportunity to receive safe and efficient myopia treatment," Prof. Eskina said, addressing the guests at the ceremony.

«This is indeed the first ZEISS VisuMax with SMILE to be used in a private clinic in Moscow. I am confident that the Professor’s work and our cooperation with the clinic will help us develop advanced refractive surgery solutions both in Russia and on the global market," Silvijo Kunic said.

«We are looking forward to further cooperation with Sfera Clinic. This can be a reference center where many eye surgeons who work in this area can get to know new technologies," Gohar Davtyan added.

ReLEx SMILE is the state-of-the-art refractive surgery procedure for laser vision correction patented by Carl Zeiss Meditec. The procedure is performed only with the VisuMax femtosecond laser. The laser beam creates a lenticule with predetermined parameters inside the corneal tissue, which is then removed through a small incision of just 2–4 mm on the surface of the cornea. This way, there is no need to cut a corneal flap and gain access to the stroma. The procedure changes the shape of the cornea without damaging its surface, so the nerve plexus of the anterior corneal stroma remains intact. This is the least invasive, quickest, and safest method for laser vision correction.

By mid-July 2015, ReLEx SMILE is offered by 290 clinics in 50 countries all over the world, including Russia and the CIS.