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ZEISS Electron Microscope Installed at the Primorsky Aquarium

A ZEISS scanning electron microscope has been installed and put into operation in the Marine Microworld exhibition area at the Primorsky Aquarium. The room where the microscope is located is basically an analogue of a clean room with a transparent wall which opens on to the public area. Aquarium visitors will be able to watch how the instrument operates and ask scientists questions during conference calls. Microscope images will be displayed on the screen in the Marine Microworld exhibition area.

The microscope will also be used by the Shared Knowledge Center. Not only employees of the National Research Center but also scientists from the State Federal University and other research institutes will have access to the microscope.

The microscope can be upgraded with the following options: X-ray microanalysis to study the composition of specimens; heated and cooled stages for observing specimens over time, and other analytical attachments and manipulators. The microscope can handle almost any material.

The Scientific and Educational Center Primorsky Aquarium is being built in Vladivostok, in the northeastern part of Russky Island. The Aquarium is a part of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences as a research institute. However, the mission of the Aquarium is not only about science, but also about education and culture. In addition to raising environmental awareness, promoting aesthetic education, and creating a new ideology of relationship between mankind and nature, the Aquarium will play an active role in the conservation of rare and endangered species of marine and freshwater animals and demonstrate its visitors exhibition areas with live animals.