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STRANN 2016, an international conference on nanoobjects, was held in Saint Petersburg

On April 26–29,the fifth international conference STRANN 2016 (State-of-the-art Trends of Scientific Research of Artificial and Natural Nanoobjects) took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Leading scientists and experts in nanotechnologies have come to Saint Petersburg to discuss the latest developments and trends in nanoobject research, creation, and application. More than 150 participants have registered for the event. With presentations by invited scientists from leading Russian and foreign scientific centres, plenary sessions and poster presentations, the intense program took four days. On the last day of the conference, on April 29, the participants visited the Interdisciplinary Resource Center (IRC) of the Saint Petersburg State University, dealing with nanotechnologies.

STRANN is organised by the Saint Petersburg State University, the ITMO University, and the company OPTEC. On the first day, the participants of the conference were welcomed by Sergei Tunik, SPSU Prorector for Research, Doctor of Chemistry, Yuri Kolesnikov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, an adviser to the rectorate of ITMO University, Oleg Vyvenko, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, co-chairman of STRANN, SPSU Professor, and Maxim Igelnik, Managing Director of OPTEC.

«The history of the conference began 7 years ago, when a group of scientists conducting research using electronic microscopy met to share their knowledge and expertise in the structure of different nanoobjects. Today it is an academic forum dedicated to different sciences, such as biology and materials science, physics and chemistry. And I am sure that this list will continue to grow. I am very pleased to see both experts and young scientists from SPSU and other universities and scientific institutes of Saint Petersburg actively participating in the conference. There is no doubt this will contribute greatly to the scientific projects the universities and institutes are working on. I wish all the participants a successful conference, meaningful discussions, and a pleasant stay in Saint Petersburg," said Sergei Tunik.

«ITMO University is a customary participant of STRANN. We participate in the 5–100 Federal Program of University Support. I am happy to see many visitors from other countries and believe that STRANN will strengthen the international ties of our university. I wish all participants success, that you reach your goals and can overcome all the challenges you face," said Yuri Kolesnikov.

«About ten years ago, when STRANN was just an idea, Professor Oleg Vyvenko and I discussed our goals and set a challenging task to create a venue for scientists to share their experience, a venue which would help us to build a school of young scientists able to continue the international success of Russian researchers before them. Communication is the main tool that helps us to cooperate, share knowledge, and reach our goals. This is the fifth conference that involves scientists from different universities and academic institutes, not only from Russia, but also from leading international scientific centers, who want to talk about their success in research into nano-objects and sub-nano-objects. I am delighted that our idea works and that all the participants share their achievements and ideas, and establish new contacts as peers," said Maxim Igolnik.

«It is well known that new ideas appear at the interface of different sciences, and everyone can benefit when different scientific interests converge in one place. Our «Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Center» is a shared center, which is based on different microscopy technologies, and its possibilities multiplied when we joined the Scientific Park of SPSU. The center invites scientists to conduct research in many fields. STRANN has become a meeting venue for scientists working in different areas but using similar research technologies. This interdisciplinary communication creates new ideas and encourages the participants to deal with new challenges. Leading scientists from eleven countries of the world are here today to participate in STRANN. I want to thank you for your interest in our conference and wish you effective work, interesting meetings and new projects," said Oleg Vyvenko.

The STRANN objective is to create a meeting venue for scientists joining efforts in research into the properties of nanoobjects and the development of the corresponding technologies. Exchanging experience and discussing research results give an insight into complex aspects of micro- and nanoobjects. The key topic is the trends and methods which would allow us to tackle current and future challenges.

The reports from the conference will be published in the collected AIP Conference Proceedings.

For detailed information and the program see www.strann.org.