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State-of-the Art ZEISS Measuring Laboratory is Launched at KAMAZ's Press and Frame Plant

The ZEISS laboratory, a state-of-the-art measuring system designed for inspection of assembled units, including cabins, has been launched at KAMAZ’s Press and Frame Plant (PFP) in Naberezhnye Chelny. This is one of the final stages of the Cabin Project.

From now on, the quality of KAMAZ products at PFP will be inspected by machines which will compare assemblies with an ideal 3D model. The new laboratory consists of a temperature-controlled room with an area of 130 sq. m. To ensure measurement repeatability, a climate control system is installed in the room to maintain constant humidity and temperature at 20°C.

According to Yaroslav Vasilenko, head of the multifunctional group, a 3D model-based pilot program is developed first for each assembly. «The job of the measuring machine is to compare the parameters of an assembled cabin with the model. A touch-activated triggers are located at the ends of the sensors. The machine approaches the point to be measured, records probe contact, and compares the coordinate it had to find with the coordinate it actually found," Mr. Vasilenko explains. «Compliance or non-compliance with the ideal model can be seen immediately in the report displayed on the computer screen. Cabin inspection takes about three hours."

In addition to measuring machines, the laboratory is equipped with tools and accessories for other assemblies, replaceable sensors, and a vertical test bench: some assemblies have to be measured in their operating position. The laboratory can check any part or assembly, including the new model range of cabins, all existing cabins, and major subassemblies such as floor, front end, sides, and roof. The key is to have a 3D model and a program for that.

This is a new approach to quality assurance because all measurements at the plant used to be taken manually. «The laboratory complies with all European standards. High-precision equipment makes it possible to measure cabin frames, assemblies, and other items manufactured by the plant automatically," says Viktor Mrakov, Chief Engineer at PFP. «There is no doubt that measuring machines will be used at full capacity and will allow us to classify deviations in order to respond to them and eliminate them quickly and efficiently."

Source: Press Service of AS PTC KAMAZ.