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For the First Time in Russia ambr System of Micro Bioreactors Installed in Generium International Biotechnology Center

The Generium MBC, one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of biotech products, is the first in Russia to implement the ambr automated platform to scale biotechnological processes. The system will accelerate the development and launch of new domestic biotech medicinal products.

New equipment will be used in the departments of cell biology and of process development of the Generium center. First, the cell line group experts obtain stable producers of future protein therapeutics in ambr micro-bioreactors. These may be targeted to the treatment of numerous diseases including genetic diseases. Oncology is one of the most promising fields of application. For example, antibodies for cancer treatment are constructed which recognize tumors and trigger the mechanism of its destruction when introduced into the human body.

«In our laboratory, we choose the best from among the many thousands of clones of the parent cell, those that can consistently grow and multiply in bioreactors and the product of which has the required therapeutic properties," says Dmitry Poteryaev, Head of the Cell Biology Department. «This is a laborious process which is now largely automated by the ambr micro-bioreactor system."

After careful selection of stable cell lines for future biological products, producer-clones are sent to the Department of Technology Development. Here, the ambr system will help to optimize the cell culture process; experts can simulate the functioning of industrial bioreactors in the laboratory and prepare the production technology for clinical trials and production start-up as soon as practical.

«The system facilitates economical, fast, and reliable laboratory development scaling to prepare for implementation in production," says Denis Feshin, Head of the Department of Process Development at the Generium center.

A total of over one hundred and fifty ambr systems manufactured by TAP Biosystems operate worldwide in leading pharmaceutical and bio-pharmacological companies. Three of the four leading pharmaceutical companies use this system. The system is suitable for standard laboratory conditions and is fully automated. Compared with classical bioreactors, ambr makes it possible to perform to 24 independent experiments in parallel and halve the time it takes to optimize the cultivation of cells.