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Carl Zeiss LLC: integration into global structure of ZEISS

Dear partners, colleagues and customers,

On 3 December OPTEC LLC was renamed into Carl Zeiss LLC. This renaming is an important part of the process of the company’s integration into the global structure of ZEISS, which was started in 2017.

The renaming is not a reorganization of the legal entity ZEISS in Russia. The company's bank details remain unchanged.

The company's strategy in Russia, its product line and the desire to provide our clients with innovative products and better service are not going to be changed either. Carl Zeiss LLC will continue to fulfill its obligations without termination or renewal of contracts concluded by the company under the name of OPTEC LLC. 

The key task of Carl Zeiss LLC will remain to equip medical, industrial and educational institutions with modern high-tech ZEISS and ZEISS Connecting Solutions equipment.

Comments Dmitry Senin 
General Director of Carl Zeiss LLC from October 1, 2019:

«The management of the Carl Zeiss Group has always seen great prospects for development in Russia. Since 2000, ZEISS products have been presented in the Russian market thanks to the work of the subsidiary division of ZEISS, which has been developing as OPTEC LLC since 2009. 

In 2018, Carl Zeiss regained control over OPTEC LLC and started the process of returning its Russian subsidiary to the global concern. We expect to continue to be a reliable partner for our colleagues and customers, supporting the development of Russian science, education, industry and healthcare. 

Carl Zeiss' mission in Russia and the regions is to develop, produce and distribute highly innovative solutions for industrial metrology and microscopy solutions for the life sciences and materials research, and medical technology solutions for diagnostics and treatment in ophthalmology and microsurgery.»