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A Modern Pathomorphology Laboratory Opened in Magadan

OPTEC took part in the complex equipment of the pathomorphology laboratory of Magadan Regional Oncological Center. The laboratory will perform immunohistochemical examinations that will enable the specialists to diagnose and advise individual therapy to each patient, as well as to perform express diagnosis when there is a need to determine the type of tumor during an operation.

The opening ceremony of the pathomorphology laboratory was attended by Vladimir Pechyony, Governor of Magadan Region. He said that the dream of the Oncological Center had finally come true.

«I would like to congratulate all the medical professionals on this event, which is important for the whole region. You have acquired the best equipment to fight a subtle enemy, cancer. Now, this laboratory has leveled up with the leading labs in the Far East. This is a real leap to the future," Vladimir Pechyony emphasized.

Sergey Tarakanov, Chief Doctor of Magadan Oncological Center, pointed out that now it is possible to perform instant diagnosis, as during cancer treatment, it is always a fight against time. «You always have to instantly determine the character of the tumor in order to make a decision on the need for operation. We used to wait for results for over a week, and now this problem is gone. Instant diagnosis takes half an hour at most. And complete diagnosis does not take longer than three days," Sergey Tarakanov said.

Acquisition of frozen sections for instant diagnosis will be performed with the use of Cryotome FSE, a high-precision cryostat by ThermoScientific. This system with a quick freeze device makes it possible to cool the sample to the working temperature in a short period of time and acquire the required sections for further microscopic examination.

The complex solution for the pathomorphology laboratory also includes Pannoramic midi, a digital microscope slide scanner by 3DHistech which makes it possible to acquire the high-quality image of the investigation agent in a digital form and transmit it though a telemedicine channel for teleconsultation with any Russian science and research center.

The workplaces for the pathomorphology professionals of the laboratory are also equipped with state-of-the-art and proven microscopes, ZEISS Axio Lab, ZEISS Axio Scope, and ZEISS Axio Imager. Besides top technical specifications, these devices are also characterized by a high level of ergonomics in order to facilitate the long routine work in the laboratory.

All the equipment that is part of this solution-from material registration, incisure, preparation of tissue, paraffin coating, cassette marking, acquisition of paraffin sections, dying, cover slip covering to microscopic examination and cover clip scanning-will be incorporated in the single Labflow Laboratory Information System (LIS) developed by OPTEC. This will enable automation of all the processes during the examination of histological samples from material registration to the doctor’s decision.

You can watch a detailed photo report of the opening ceremony of the laboratory on the magadanmedia site.

Based on materials supplied by the Press Office of the Government of Magadan Region and Magadan Regional Oncological Center.