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GRUNDFOS inspects the quality of locally made components in its pumping equipment with ZEISS machines

GRUNDFOS is a global manufacturer of pumps and equipment for water disposal, water supply, utility-type and industrial equipment, and one of the leaders on the Russian pumping equipment market. The company was founded in 1945 in Denmark and currently has 83 business units around the globe.

In Russia the company is known since the 1960s. The scale of its project portfolio is impressive: GRUNDFOS pumps are used at water treatment facilities, airports, large industrial installations, and sports venues throughout the country. The Russian subsidiary produces around 50 thousand units of equipment per year.

At Grundfos Istra plant in the Moscow Oblast, systems for various purposes are assembled: pressurization stations, fire-fighting stations, single-stage and multi-stage pumps, automated pumping stations, control systems, accessories and components.

In 2020, the market situation demanded an expansion of the model range and a reduction of the manufacturing costs of Grundfos Istra pumping equipment. For this purpose the decision was made to use Russian-made components in the manufacturing process.

Sergey Tarasov, Quality Director at Grundfos Istra:
«We are facing a very ambitious task, that is to increase the segment of locally made components in the manufacturing of pumping systems. We are using a huge variety of components here: for example, cast-iron case parts, impellers made of cast-iron or stainless steel, and various motors. Currently, we order them from foreign vendors.

By using domestic components we plan on increasing the share of localized hardware and expand the GRUNDFOS equipment segment on the Russian market. Therefore we need to ensure that all of them comply with GRUNDFOS high quality standards.»
The quality management system of the group is based on the so called philosophy of zero defects at all the production stages, from designing the pumping equipment and purchasing the components to manufacturing and delivering the products to our customers. For this reason, it is very important that Quality Department at Grundfos Istra performs the incoming inspection of the locally sourced components using ZEISS equipment to ensure high precision of measurements. ZEISS coordinate measuring machines greatly help in ensuring compliance with strict quality standards.

Incoming Inspection of Pump Parts with ZEISS CONTURA

Next generation portal coordinate measuring machine ZEISS CONTURA is the first machine of this class in Russia. It will be used for the quality inspection of locally made components at GRUNDFOS pump and motor production, as well as for the intermediate inspection. Parts of any geometrical complexity can be measured with CONTURA, which makes it an irreplaceable instrument used by specialists of the plant precision measurement laboratory every day. Using this coordinate measuring machine, engineers can measure parts of all sizes — from very small to very big — with the precision of 1.7 µm.

To increase the performance, precision, and repeatability of measurements with CMM CONTURA, two sets of ZEISS OmniFix clamping fixtures were purchased. It has modular structure and can be modified specifically for clamping any parts regardless of their size, geometry, and materials. With its assistance, Grundfos Istra specialists can rapidly adapt CMM ZEISS for the inspection of any component.

GRUNDFOS plants throughout the world use ZEISS coordinate measuring equipment for the component quality control, which ensures uniformity of measurements at each subsidiary. Apart from that, one of the local suppliers of cast-iron cases used at the plant also employs ZEISS CONTURA for the outcoming quality inspection, which facilitates Grundfos Istra transactions and unifies an approach to quality control.

Sergey Tarasov, Quality Director at Grundfos Istra:
«ZEISS equipment ensures that the measuring system is unified between the foreign and local suppliers and helps to ensure the repeatability of measurements.»


Inspection of Motor Stator Parts with ZEISS O-INSPECT

By the end of 2021, the Russian plant is planning to produce motors with locally supplied components. Laminated pressed parts for motor stators will be inspected with the multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine ZEISS O-INSPECT that ensures wide field of view and high image resolution in peripheral areas.

This machine will enable quick inspection of motor parts with the high measurement precision due to objective lens ZEISS Discovery or scanning hard-to-reach areas with contact sensor VAST XXT. The machine is equipped with ZEISS PiWeb reporting plus advanced software suite which enables statistical analysis based on thousand measurements and detection of deviations in real time.
The ability to maintain certain flexibility during incoming quality inspection is an important advantage of ZEISS O-INSPECT for GRUNDFOS specialists. Components come in all sorts of sizes and types, that is why it is important that the coordinate measuring machine can inspect them regardless of the part geometry and form and without wasting time for changing the sensor.

The degree of component localization for the pumping equipment manufactured by Grundfos Istra is planned at the level of 75–85 % with the execution period of around 5 years. Thanks to the quality control of pumping system components manufactured by local suppliers with coordinate measuring equipment ZEISS, Grundfos Istra will be able to ensure product quality and compliance with global standards and provide their customers with safe and functional products.

Mikhail Romanov, Measuring Laboratory Quality Expert:
«We are happy with the teamwork with our partner ZEISS. ZEISS coordinate measuring machines entirely fulfill its task of providing quality control and help us to meet the requirements of our customers with zero complains.»