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CTERP 2021: Cell-based Research in Neuroscience

The 3rd international conference CTERP 2021 will take place on March 24-26, 2021 in Moscow and will be devoted to cell-based research in neurobiology.

CTERP meets the most acute demands of the burgeoning research activities both in novel cell therapy methods and disease mechanism understanding — iPSC, neurobiology, disease modelling, genome editing.

The conference is organized by ZEISS Russia & CIS, Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS, Koltzov Institute of Developmental Biology RAS, Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


Main topics

  • Brain function, stem cells, and neurogenesis
  • Mechanisms of neural stem cell support and differentiation
  • Neural stem cells: prospects for therapy
  • Disease modeling
  • Perspectives and challenges in neural stem cell technology.


Key Speakers

  • USA: David Anderson, Hollis Cline, Grigori Enikolopov, Rene Hen, Arnold Kriegstein, Evgeny Rogaev, Hongjun Song, Lorenz Studer, Alexei Terskikh, Marius Wernig
  • Canada: Paul Frankland
  • Europe: Oliver Brustle, Fiona Doetsch, Roustem Khazipov, Pierre-Marie Lledo, Dominik Paquet, Evgeni Ponimaskin, Victor Tarabykin, Pierre Vanderhaeghen
  • Russia: Konstantin Anokhin, Vsevolod Belousov, Raul Gainetdinov, Sergey Kiselev, Maria Lagarkova, Sergey Nedospasov.



N.K. Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology
Institute of Cytology and Genetics
Russian National Research Medical University
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


World Trade Center, Moscow